1. Anatomy module (A)
  2. LV function (RV function) module (B)
  3. Edema module (G)
  4. LGE module (E)
  1. Dimensions (corrected for BSA) and function
    • LV: EDV, ESV , SV, EF
    • RV: EDV, ESV , SV, EF
    • Regional wall motion abnormalities
  2. Presence and location of edema
  3. Presence and location of LGE
  4. Pericardial effusion / enhancement
Key Points
  1. Diagnostic CMR criteria

    Myocardial inflammation (≥ 2 of the following criteria)

    Myocyte injury and / or scar (if focal lesion is present)
    • Regional or global myocardial SI increase on T2w
      • SI ratio of myocardium over skeletal muscle of ≥2.0
    • Global myocardial SI increase on EGE
      • SI ratio of myocardium over skeletal muscle of ≥ 4.0 or absolute myocardial enhancement of ≥45%
    • At least 1 focal lesion with non-ischemic regional distribution (sub-epicardial layer or mid-wall)
      • Infarction always involves sub-endocardial layer
  2. Presence of LV dysfunction or pericardial effusion provides additional, supportive evidence
  3. Repeat scan in 1-2 weeks after the first study, if
    • None of the criteria are present plus very recent onset of symptoms plus strong clinical evidence
    • One of the criteria is present
Tips and Tricks
  1. Right ventricular dysfunction seems to be the greatest predictor of mortality and cardiac transplantation