1. Anatomy module (A)
  2. LV function module (B)
  3. LGE module (E)
  1. Dimensions, mass (corrected for BSA) and function
    • LV: EDV, ESV, SV, EF
    • Mass of non-compacted and compacted layer
  2. Regional wall motion abnormalities
  3. Location and extent of segments with increased non-compacted to compacted (NC/C) myocardial ratio
Key Points
  1. Current diagnostic criteria:
    • NC/C ≥ 2.3:1 on end-diastolic image*
      Note: NC/C 2:1 on end-systolic echo images
    • Non-compacted LV mass above 20% of the global mass
  2. LGE may represent severe or late forms of LVNC
  3. Diagnosis may not be based on imaging criteria alone
    • Often over-diagnosed, particular in DCM (thin compacted myocardium) and in patients of Afro-American descent
    • Current diagnostic criteria may overdiagnose LVNC and new guidance is anticipated
Tips and Tricks
  1. Consider associated congenital defects (Ebstein anomaly, coarctation of the aorta, bicuspid aortic valve...)