1. Coronary Artery Imaging Module (I)
  1. Origin
    • High / low / commissural
    • From opposite coronary sinus
    • Outside coronary sinuses
    • Separate ostium for LAD and CX
  2. Anomalous course
    • Inter-arterial, retro-aortic, ...
  3. Anomalies of intrinsic coronary arterial anatomy
    • Ectasia, aneurysm, hypoplasia, ...
    • Intramural coronary artery (muscular bridge)
  4. Anomalies of coronary termination
  5. Anomalous collateral vessels
Key Points
  1. Spatial resolution can be less than that required to assess coronary lumen
  2. Malignant course:
    • Inter-arterial course between aorta and RVOT, particular left coronary artery from right sinus
  3. Possible causes of ischemia:
    • Inter-arterial dynamic compression
    • Slit-like origin
    • Myocardial bridging
Tips and Tricks
  1. Optimize image quality:
    • Use isotropic voxel sizes
    • Short acquisition window (< 150ms)
  2. Consider dobutamine stress to demonstrate a regional wall motion abnormality (if inter-arterial course)